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Kaydence Media is a joint-venture initiative of Myrtle Thomas Fernandes and Savio Rodrigues.

Kaydence Media combines the expertise of over 22-years of each of the partners, acquired through education and work experience in the fields of banking, legal, real estate, media, advertising and information technology in India and International.

Kaydence Media expertise comes from experience in brand management

About Us

Kaydence Media services encompass digital

What we can do for you

Corporate Logo

Logo is a single picture that narrates a story of any brand culture, behavior and values.

Corporate Positioning

Positioning evokes a unique perspective in the minds of the stakeholders about you.

Corporate Stationery

Stationery is a powerful branding tool that speaks about the brand at all places.

Corporate Website

A website gives the first impression and initial impact about any brand.

Corporate Brochure

Corporate Brochure is a comprehensive account of your services and products.

Employee Branding

Employee branding is an activity that enhances any corporate’s brand equity.

You should also know…

Myrtle Rodrigues brings to the table a vibrant experience in market research, market analysis, business & product marketing, direct sales, customer services working with leading multinational national companies in India. As an entrepreneur, she is driven by a strong urge to understand a product or company through effective market research and analysis

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